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Student Services

Our goal is to strengthen your academic performance to ensure that you are best equipped to thrive in the field upon graduation. We offer a variety of services tailored to suit your needs. 

Clinical Skills Training

From anesthesia monitoring to central line placement

Need to practice an essential skill or want to work ahead? We offer essential skills training on  medium-fidelity and low-fidelity models.

We also offer in-house patient skills labs for our preceptors at participating facilities.

Image by Bret Kavanaugh
Veterinary Technician and Student

Preceptor Services*

Stepping in to bridge the gap

One of the hardest parts of online learning is the preceptorship/externship. Given the demand for technicians, finding time to work with your preceptor can be challenging and frustrating.  We offer individualized time with our preceptors at your clinical site to practice clinical skills and complete skills checklists.

No interruptions. Just our undivided attention.

*Preceptor services require a minimum of 1 semester notice to ensure that all documentation has been processed by your AVMA accredited veterinary technology program, as well as any state agencies requiring licensure endorsement. Preceptor services also require a service agreement with your hospital/OCCI facility.  

Video Portfolio Evaluations*

A  glimpse before a grade

Video portfolios are a great source of frustration for veterinary technology students.  We offer video task evaluations in order to ensure that you are successful with your initial submission. Our experienced evaluator will assess your performance of the task using your provided rubric, as well as note any "fatal flaws"/automatic failure mistakes, issues with OSHA compliance, areas for improvement, or other items of note.

*Given the intense nature of portfolio evaluations, we reserve the right to limit evaluations to no more than 3 minor task videos per student per week (or 1 major task video per student per week)  

Image by Nick Morrison

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